What I Want - S​/​T

by What I Want

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released January 26, 2017

Daniel - Bateria
Arthu - Guitarra / Vocal
Ronald - Baixo

Mixado e Masterizado por Daniel Araújo @ Estúdio Nazar entre Junho/Julho, 2015
Todas as músicas foram escritas por What I Want

Revisão das Letras: Cinthia Andrade
Foto da Capa: Paulo Manhaes
Foto do Encarte: Daniel Araújo
Foto de trás: Nata de Lima (Manger Cadavre?)


Daniel - Drums
Arthu - Guitar / Vocal
Ronald - Bass

Mixed and Mastered by Daniel Araújo @ Estúdio Nazar, June/Jule, 2015.
All Songs Are Written And Performed by What I Want.

Review: Cinthia Andrade
Front Cover Photo: Paulo Manhaes
Inlay Photo: Daniel Araújo
Back Cover Photo: Nata de Lima (Manger Cadavre?)



all rights reserved


What I Want Brasilia, Brazil

3 old friends making some noise.

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Track Name: What I Want
They say what you can say
They want tell what you have to do...

Who fucking cares
What i fucking do want

They say what you can say
They want tell what you have to do...
They want control us
And what i fucking do want?
Track Name: Not Today
You won't
make me fail
You’ll never see
my mistakes!

Not Today you’ll bring me down!
Track Name: Against
Let's fight against the real
Enemy that surround us!

And now...

Let's fight against them' all

Raise your head and
fight for what do you believe
don't be afraid to live
for what do you want
and not for what they want for you!
Track Name: Isn't A Competition
I don't care about your shoes
I don't mind with the way like you move
I don't give a fuck for your crowd I don't care!

Is not a competition
For me.
Is not a competition
For us!
Track Name: Mondo Bizarro
We are living in a world
With the craziest minds
That ignores the borders and spit on the peace flag


Day after day
I’ll still to say
Now we are living
In a mondo bizarro!
Track Name: Humans
The God's mistake
is the human race
(it's) the Worst species
in the whole earth

why your power it's negative?
And don't could be constructive?

Track Name: Sangha
Sense of community
To help everyone
Do something
to a good purpose

Proud to be here
In the same sintony
Ever to feel the
Track Name: Much To Say Nobody To Listen
When you feel and don't speak!
and Nobody cares, about that!

Too much to say but nobody to listen
It is the new world!
Track Name: So Far From Being Enough
I don’t give a fuck
for your opinion
because of my life
I have the control
To me it’s far from being enough
Cause I’m the owner of my limits!
So far from being enough!
Track Name: This Is Doesn't Belongs To Your Fashion
This way
don't have space
For cocksuckers
like you!

What i wear, what i speak
doesn't belongs to your fashion
What i listen and what i do
doesn't belongs to your fashion

You don't need
talk something
to do your fashion
fuck The world that you live
fuck them all and your fashion!
Track Name: Speaking The Truth
With the claws
At my chest
I’ll prove my honor!
With the claws
That hang me up
I can show my dignity!

Speaking the truth
I’ll prove my humanity
Speaking the truth
I’ll spit at your false life
Track Name: Just Another Superstar
Do you think that you are a superstar?
And you think I fucking care!?

I was here before you born!
And I want (that you) go fucking yourself!